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For Christmas of 2004, my good buddy Forster and his pixie got me a Wacom tablet, which was totally awesome -- I'd been wanting one for a long time, yet was never able to afford one. With a tablet, I figured, it would be easier to ink and color my CG pieces, which was definitely welcome. Unfortunately, roughly a month before I got the tablet, my scanner crapped out (a situation which was rectified later when Forstree and my other buddy Bandit got me a new scanner).

ANYWAY, while my scanner was dead, I did some doodles with the tablet in Painter (which came with the tablet), and this was one of the results -- Elvis Costello, taken from one of the photos on his Blood and Chocolate album (an excellent album, by the way). And no, the "Napoleon Dynamite" tag doesn't mean I voted for Pedro or anything having to do with the movie of that name: "Napoleon Dynamite" was E.C.'s pseudonym on the Blood and Chocolate album.

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