Drawn with pencil, inked with pen, colored with colored pencil

Hey, 1997 called, and they want their fanart back...

Seriously, it felt weird doing this -- Sailor Moon fanart in colored pencil, something I hadn't done for a very very long time. And the only reason I did it now was because this particular drawing was a present for somebody, and printouts of a digital work is a no-go (when I made this, my good olde printer had no ink).

However, doing this piece reminded me why I pretty much stopped working in colored pencils around 1999-2000 or so: it was long and tedious to color, and my wrist hurt like a mofo afterwards. Oh, how I longed to use a paint bucket/fill command on the large color fields! Also, amusingly enough, as I was inking, every time I screwed up my mind immediately prompted me to "Undo last command"...which is quite impossible with an ink pen on Bristol board.

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