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Peace. Pop. Puffy.

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Music Clip Collection / Stereo

Ki/oon KSBL 5809 (DVD only)

Released May 11, 2005

Produced by Tamio Okuda (M-1, 3, 4)
Andy Sturmer (M-2, 5, 7, 8, 9)

Another music video collection, this time covering singles from Spike all the way through 59. Unlike past clips collections, there are no vignettes between songs, but this is offset by the numerous extras of Puffy performing live in concert (since, at this point, Puffy hadn't released a live DVD since the Rolling Debut Revue Canada USA Tour 2002 disc). Reflecting Puffy's less-hectic recording schedule at the beginning of the 21st century, this disc spans nearly five years, whereas previous Puffy clip collections came out on nearly a yearly basis.

The videos presented here are probably the most "professional" looking of Puffy's career, though there are a few remnants of the old style "plop Ami and Yumi on location somewhere and have them lip-synch" (like in the video for "Sunrise," where the girls pick up garbage on the beach while miming the words). Also, be on the lookout for Guitar Wolf in the video for "Teen Titans Theme," miming the guitar solo (Guitar Wolf, of course, saved humanity from space zombies in the movie Wild Zero, and has his own successful recording career as the frontman for the band Guitar Wolf. He also wrote the lyrics for - and sang on - the track "Onna Machine-gun," available on the Japanese Splurge CD).

The DVD is still in print, but be aware that it (and all of Puffy's DVD releases) are Region 2, so you need a special DVD player if you're an American fan.

Track Listing

  1. Boogie-Woogie No. 5
  2. Atarashii Hibi
  3. Aoi Namida
  4. Hurricane
  5. Akai Buranko
  6. PRMX Turbo
  7. Sunrise
  8. Teen Titans Theme
  9. Joining A Fan Club

Live Extras

  • P-59 Special - 2004.5.24 Shibuya O-East - Clips of this concert were used for the opening of the Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi cartoon
    1. invisible tomorrow
    2. Umi eto
    3. Toku Suru Karada
  • Rising Sun Rock Festival 2004 in Ezo - 2004.8.14
    1. Asia no Junshin
  • Setstock '04 - 2004.8.28
    1. Circuit no Musume
  • House of Blues (L.A.) - 2004.10.10 - This performance aired on Cartoon Network in the U.S. at midnight on New Year's Day 2005 to bring in the New Year (yes, Puffy and the crowd counted down to "New Year's" in the middle of October)
    1. Joining A Fan Club
  • Okuda Tamio Tribute Special - 2004.10.29 Club Quattro
    1. Beef


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