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10.26.2011 - "15" Track Listing

Disc 1 -- PUFFY Choice
1. Dareka ga (lyrics & music: Yusuke Chiba)
2. Kore ga Watashi no Ikiru Michi (lyrics & music: Tamio Okuda)
3. Oriental Diamond (lyrics: Yosui Inoue/music: Tamio Okuda)
4. Boogie Woogie No. 5 (lyrics & music: Tamio Okuda)
5. Sweet Drops (lyrics & music: Shoko Suzuki)
6. HiHi (lyrics: Puffy AmiYumi & Andy Sturmer/music: Andy Sturmer)
7. boom boom beat (lyrics: Ami Onuki/music: Taka Aoki)
8. Akai Buranko (lyrics: Puffy/music: Andy Sturmer)
9. Nice Buddy (lyrics: Puffy/music: Andy Sturmer & Andy Thompson)
10. Ai no Shirushi (lyrics: Yosui Inoue/music: Masamune Kusano)
11. Mother (lyrics & music: Tamio Okuda)
12. Circuit no Musume (lyrics & music: Tamio Okuda)
13. Hiyori Hime (lyrics & music: Ringo Shiina)
14. My Story (lyrics: Puffy/music: Anders Hellgren & David Myhr)
15. Mogura Like (lyrics & music: Tamio Okuda)
16. Nagisa ni Matsuwaru Etc. (lyrics: Yosui Inoue/music: Tamio Okuda)
17. All Because of You (lyrics & music: Butch Walker & Avril Lavigne)
18. R.G.W. (lyrics & music: Tamio Okuda)
19. Happy Birthday (lyrics: Puffy/music: David Myhr & Peter Kvint)
20. Asia no Junshin (lyrics: Yosui Inoue/music: Tamio Okuda)

Disc 2 -- AmiYumi Choice
1. Shall We Dance? (lyrics: Puffy/music: Butch Walker)
2. Kimi to Autobike (lyrics & music: Yusuke Chiba)
3. Radio Tokyo (lyrics & music: Butch Walker)
4. Long Beach Nightmare (lyrics: Ami Onuki/music: Andy Sturmer)
5. Sumire (lyrics: Puffy/music: Andy Sturmer)
6. Jet Keisatsu (lyrics & music: Tamio Okuda)
7. Hazumu Rhythm (lyrics: Puffy/music: Nargo)
8. Puffy no Rule (lyrics: Tamio Okuda/music: Takashi Furuta)
9. Security Blanket (lyrics: Ami Onuki/music: Ken Yokoyama)
10. Bring it on (lyrics: Ami Onuki/music: Takeshi Hosomi)
11. Yokubou (lyrics: Ami Onuki/music: Yusuke Fujita)
12. Wedding Bell (lyrics & music: Yoshiaki Furuta)
13. Tomodachi (lyrics: Puffy/music: Andy Sturmer)
14. Kirei na Namida ga Tarinai yo (lyrics & music: Shoko Suzuki)
15. Urei (lyrics: Puffy/music: Andy Sturmer)
16. Jet Love (lyrics: Yumi Yoshimura/music: Shigeo Naka)
17. Kimi ga Suki (lyrics: Yumi Yoshimura/music: Linus of Hollywood)
18. Toku suru Karada (lyrics & music: Tamio Okuda)
19. Bye Bye (lyrics & music: Masahiko Shimura)

Disc 3 -- DVD (Limited Edition only)
1. Asia no Junshin ~Ami Yumi Emi Version~

You can also see Rodney Alan Greenblat's cover design for the album in the CDJapan link at the top of the News section!

10.4.2011 - New Best-of Release "15"

In celebration of Puffy's 15th anniversary, a brand-new compilation album (entitled 15) will be released on November 23rd. The album will come in two varieties: a regular 2 CD edition, and a limited 2 CD/1 DVD edition that also comes with a face towel designed by Rodney Alan Greenblat (who designed almost all of the jackets for Puffy's early singles). No word on the track list yet, but don't be surprised if it resembled a singles collection, with maybe a new song or two added. CDJapan links for each edition:

15 [2CD+DVD+GOODS / Limited Edition] / PUFFY

15 [2CD/Regular Edition] / PUFFY

4.1.2011 - New song "SWEET DROPS"


Puffy will be recording the theme song to the upcoming anime and live-action film adaptations of the manga Usagi Drop. The song, entited "SWEET DROP," is written and composed by Syoko Suzuki, who has worked with Puffy in the past ("Watashi no Nozomi" from solosolo, "Kirei na Namida ga Tarinai yo," "Taiyou" and "Koi no Line, Ai no Shape" from Fever*Fever, and "Angel of Love" from Nice.). The anime is set to air in July 2011, while the film has a release date of August 20.

3.23.2011 - Puffy's Message to Earthquake Victims

Puffy recently posted a message to the victims of the recent Kanto earthquake on their homepage (in Japanese and English), while Ami posted a follow-up message on her Amigator blog (Japanese and English). A video was also uploaded to YouTube featuring a message from Ami and Yumi.

1.29.2011 - "Thank You!" track list and credits

The track listing and writing credits of Puffy's upcoming album, Thank You!, have been revealed:

CD Track Listing
1. My Country Road (lyrics & music: Tamio Okuda)
2. Jet Love (lyrics: Yumi Yoshimura/music: Shigeo Naka)
3. R.G.W. (lyrics: Tamio Okuda & Puffy/music: Tamio Okuda)
4. Hoshi Girl (lyrics: Yumi Yoshimura/music: COOZi)
5. Wake up, Make up with ANI·Bose (Scha Dara Parr) (lyrics: Ami Onuki, Makoto Koshima & Yousuke Matsumoto/music: Masaaki Asada)
6. Haru no Uta (lyrics: Ami Onuki/music: Linus of Hollywood & Roger Joseph Manning, Jr.)
7. Koi no Yama Arashi (lyrics: Ami Onuki/music: Taka Aoki)
8. Ai no Odyssey (lyrics: Yumi Yoshimura/music: Shunsuke Watanabe)
9. Banzai! (lyrics: Yumi Yoshimura/music: Yusuke Fujita)
10. Fish On (lyrics: Ami Onuki/music: Hiroharu Kinoshita)
11. NO! (lyrics: Ami Onuki/music: Makoto Ogata)
12. Yokubou (lyrics: Ami Onuki/music: Yusuke Fujita)
13. Happy Birthday (lyrics: Puffy/music: David Myhr & Peter Kvint)

PV DVD Track Listing (Limited Edition only)
1. Hajimari no Uta
2. Nice Buddy
3. HiHi
4. Mogura-like
5. Tokyo I'm On My Way
6. Hazumu Rhythm
7. Hataraku Otoko
8. boom boom beat
9. Oriental Diamond
10. Kuchibiru Motion
11. Closet Full of Love
12. All Because of You
13. My Story
14. Hiyori Hime
15. Dareka ga
16. R.G.W.
17. Happy Birthday

There are some nice surprises on the album -- the most obvious being that Ami and Yumi are responsible for almost all of the lyrics on the record, which has never happened before. Tamio Okuda also appears on two songs, the most he's been on a Puffy album since Splurge (perhaps not coincidentally, Puffy's last big "anniversary" album). Also of note is the track "Wake up, Make up," featuring members of the hip-hop group Scha Dara Parr -- Puffy has never really done too much with hip-hop before, so if that track goes in that direction it could be interesting. The limited edition DVD, as expected, contains every Puffy PV since Funclips Funclub was released in May, 2005.

1.14.2011 - New Single & Album

The news has been out for a little while now, but Puffy has a new single coming out on February 9th entitled Happy Birthday, and their 15th anniversary album -- Thank You! -- drops a month later on March 9th. The limited edition single comes with a DVD of live performances, while the album's limited edition comes with a bonus DVD full of PVs (which is long overdue, as Puffy hasn't released a PV collection since Funclips Funclub back in 2005).

10.19.2010 - "R.G.W." Covers Revealed

The limited and regular edition covers for Puffy's upcoming holiday single have been released:

R.G.W. Covers

On another note, thank you very much to the people who have ordered things from CDJapan through my affiliate program. I really appreciate you doing so.

10.7.2010 - New Single Info

The details of Puffy's new Christmas-themed single have finally been released. The track is called "R.G.W." and is composed by Tamio Okuda. The track listing is as follows:

1. R.G.W. (lyrics: Tamio Okuda & Puffy/music: Tamio Okuda)
2. Jet Love (lyrics: Yumi Yoshimura/music: Shigeo Naka)
3. Koi no Yama Arashi (lyrics: Ami Onuki/music: Taka Aoki)

As has been the usual for Puffy singles, lately, the limited edition of the single comes with a bonus DVD of Puffy in concert, with footage taken from the July 11 show at Showa Women's University Hitomi Memorial Hall. The performances on the DVD are as follows:

1. Nice Buddy
2. Ai no Shirushi
3. Circuit no Musume
4. complaint
5. Boogie-Woogie No. 5
6. Youkai Puffy

Puffy's homepage has also been updated with a new image to reflect the upcoming single, so check it out as well.

9.26.2010 - Puffy in New York, new single

On October 10, Puffy will be returning to America to play at the Far East to East Showcase at Irving Plaza in New York. This marks the first time Ami and Yumi will perform in America since the West Coast honeysweeper dates back in November 2007. Performing along with Puffy are Boom Boom Satellites, Zazen Boys and Echostream. For more info, check out Superglorious (the event producer) and the New York Anime Festival web page.

Superglorious also has a page where you can vote for your favorite Puffy songs, in order to help build Puffy's set list for their show. Check out that page here

Also, Ami and Yumi talked a little about their upcoming New York concert in this video from the official Superglorious YouTube channel, so check it out.

Lastly, a new single has been announced, to be relased on November 17. No title is available as of yet, but you can pre-order the disc from CDJapan by using the following links:

UNTITLED [w/ DVD, Limited Edition] / PUFFY

UNTITLED [Regular Edition] / PUFFY

6.6.2010 - Puffy on Twitter, more

Puffy now has an official Twitter account, featuring Tweets in both Japanese and English, so be sure to follow them if you are on Twitter.

This is a little bit older, but the web address to Puffy's official site has changed -- it is now, so be sure to update your bookmarks.


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