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Spike DaisakusenSpike Daisakusen

Live Video / Stereo

Epic ESVU 547 (VHS)
Epic ESBB 2053 (DVD)

Released April 25, 2001

Guest stars are everywhere on this live DVD: Tamio Okuda cameos on saxophone for "Su-i Su-i"; longtime Puffy cohorts Takamune Negishi and Yuta Saito show up on "Sui Sui" (the well-known performance where Ami's guitar strings snap when she attempts to play the song's guitar solo); then-Lolita No. 18 lead guitarist Enazo is on hand for "Nantettatte Idol"; Paul Gilbert of Mr. Big (who were one-hit wonders in the U.S., but apparently were huge in Japan) shows up on "Ai no Shirushi" (this comes during the "Shibuya Kokaido Digest" segment of the disc); and the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra show up on the "Special Version" of "Boogie-Woogie No. 5" that closes out the disc.

Surprisingly, very few Puffy hits made it onto the DVD track listing. Aside from "Boogie-Woogie No. 5", "Puffy no Rule" and "Umi eto" (which were recent releases when this video was released), the only other well-known Puffy songs to have complete performances are "Asia no Junshin", "Jet Keisatsu" and "Circuit no Musume" (though "Ai no Shirushi," as noted earlier, pops up during the "Shibuya Kokaido Digest" segment, which is a bunch of brief clips of other songs not peformed at the concert the disc was mostly taken from). Even more interesting is the fact that "Asia no Junshin" - which is normally one of the last songs played at Puffy shows - is the second song on the DVD!

The lack of overly-familiar Puffy songs on the DVD actually works in its favor, though - a whole lot of Spike gets played live, along with a fairly large stack of cover tunes, all performed wonderfully (honestly, the version of "Puffy no Rule" found here is probably the best I've heard Puffy sing it live). Honestly, I doubt you're going to hear "Aoi Ringo" or "Destruction Pancake" live any time soon aside from this disc. And I definitely prefer the live version of "Yuki ga Furumachi" here over Puffy's original cover of the song (which was initially found on the Kore ga Watashi Ikirumichi single).

The DVD is out of print.

Track Listing

  1. Boogie-Woogie No. 5
  2. Asia no Junshin
  3. Su-i Su-i
  4. Sui Sui
  5. Destruction Pancake
  6. Owaranai Uta
  7. Aoi Ringo
  8. Nantettatte Idol
  9. Puffy no Rule
  10. Jet Ketsatsu
  11. Umi eto
  12. Shibuya Kokaido Digest
  13. Sumire
  14. Circuit no Musume
  15. Yuki ga Furumachi
  16. SPECIAL SPIKE Back Stage Shooting
  17. Boogie-Woogie No. 5 (Special Version)


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Yumi and AmiOkuda Tamio on sax during 'Su-i Su-i'Sui SuiAmi's string snapsMore string-snapping hijinksYumi on backing vocals during 'Destruction Pancake''Destruction Pancake'YumiAmi on drums'Owaranai Uta'Yumi rocks outGuest guitarist EnazoYumiGuest guitarist Paul Gilbert plays on 'Ai no Shirushi'PuffyYumiAmi'Yuki ga Furumachi'Snow!More snowSpike Tour GoodsSpike CostumeSpike Acoustic GuitarWith the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra

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