Drawn with pencil, inked in Painter, colored in Painter and Photoshop

MORE FAN ART! And hey! It's another Resident Evil fanart -- this time of Cindy, from the Outbreak games (which I recently re-bought, after hating them the first time I bought them). Man, I sure have a zombie thing going on this year, don't I? It's almost like me and DOAX last year.

As for the drawing itself, I like how some of the hands turned out, and some of the coloring. Mr. Zombie on the right is a little wonky proportion (and anatomy) wise, but it's not too horrid. More interestingly, I find it truly amazing that I never color two drawings in exactly the same style. That's consistency for ya.

ALSO: I cheated in regards to some limbs here and there on the zombies. So sue me.

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