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Official Sites

Official Puffy Homepage (Japanese) - Chock full of information...if you can read Japanese. Contains a rather detailed discography, the latest Puffy news, info on live shows, and the like.

Official Puffy Twitter Account - Mostly in Japanese, but some English Tweets as well.

Official Puffy AmiYumi Homepage (U.S.) - Puffy's official English language site. Obviously, since Puffy are a Japanese act focusing their energies mostly on recording and performing in their homeland, their English site has historically been largely ignored. Nowadays, though, the site is being run by Puffy's management and is far more coordinated with the official Japanese site more than ever, making it better than ever. Also contains an English-language message board that Ami and Yumi read.

Note: since April of 2007, the English language blog of Puffy's managment has been getting updated rather frequently, so be sure to check it out for up-to-date Puffy news.

Puffy's 10th Anniversary Page (Japanese) - This is similar to the official site, but more focused on the festivities surrounding Puffy's 10th anniversary (such as the 10th anniversary book). Hasn't been updated since September of 2006 or so.

Netscope Amigator (Ami's Blog) (Japanese) - Ami (and very rarely Yumi) writes about anything and everything. Every so often there are behind-the-scenes pictures posted with entries.

Netscope Amigator (old)

Puffy's Management Blog (Japanese) - Similar to Ami's blog, but with posts written by Puffy's management.

Puffy's Management Blog (Old)

Other Sites of Interest

Sadly, there is quite a dearth of English-language Puffy sites (mostly one-off reviews here and there...not Puffy-specific). Also, sadly, many of the Japanese fan sites have been abandoned for quite some time. Hopefully I'll be able to add more to this in the future.

amiyumidas - A blog full of all things Puffy, from Jeff and (mostly) Wes. Instead of a general fan-site, they go more in-depth on particular things related to Puffy, which are always a good read.

Puffy AmiYumi World - Probably the most popular English-language Puffy fansite out there right now (not that there are a whole lot of us, but still...). Contains a healthy selection of photos, background info (including blurbs on various Puffy collaborators), and - most importantly - the "Song Finder," which offers samples of pretty much every Puffy song along with its title (for those who are dying to know the title of a particular song, or to find out what a given song sounds like).

Lastly, check out Andrew's other big effort, J-Pop World, where he interviews many up and coming Japanese (and non-Japanese) artists from all genres.

SUMAIRU Puffy (Japanese) - First brought to my attention by Jeff of amiyumidas, this Japanese fan blog is a wonder, even if you can't read Japanese. The sheer amount of photos - many you've probably never seen before - makes this page worthwhile.

Puffy at Junk Magnet - Full of various Puffy links and a pretty good discography, though it seemingly hasn't been updated for a while.

Puffy's Entry at Wikipedia - Wikipedia is always right.

Rodney's Whimsyload - Official website of Rodney Alan Greenblat, the talented artist who created Ami and Yumi's initial cartoon alter-egos, and whose work graces pretty much every Puffy single from 1996 through 2001. His drawings also appear on the covers of Jet CD and The Very Best of Puffy. He is also known for creating the characters in the video game Parappa the Rapper, and he and his family make a brief apperance in Run! Puffy! Run!

Puffy CDs and DVDs at CDJapan - Yeah, you know the drill. Click the link (or a banner), order something, and I get a few extra CDJapan points.

My Other Sites

Suzuki no Snapshots - A fan site dedicated to the Japanese singer/songwriter Shoko Suzuki...probably one of the few English language sites to deal with Shoko and her music.

The Art of Pooch - The site where I keep a catalog of most of my art works. Mostly anime-inspired, but not totally.

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