Not that I expect much clamoring for my work, but please don't display my work elsewhere without at least crediting me. Not that I expect such courtesy from the INTARWEB (again, if anyone even sees this at all), I just thought I'd mention it.

Also note: all galleries are arranged oldest to newest.

Original Works

Fan Art

Embarrassing Stuff

Like a whole bunch of other would-be artists, I've tried my hand at making a comic or two. Of course, the results were always wretched. Here are but a few examples of the stuff I've tried over the years:
Untitled Comic

Gamespite Stuff
I post on the forums over at, and will occasionally dash off something to display. A few of these were requests, others not.
Faux political cartoon about Sony's woes with PSN
Elton John and Billy Joel recreating the piano fight between Daffy Duck and Donald Duck in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
Yogi Bear?
The Cardbo Giant page 1
The Cardbo Giant page 2
Jamie Hyneman buffing Wilford Brimley's head (while Adam Savage looks on in horror)
Ringo Starr the Amazing Time Traveler
Giant Ringo Shiina
Mitsuru from Persona 3
A sad house singing about his lost love
Why did Sketchy have to die?
Superman and Vegeta selling drugs to the CIA
Jill Valentine being assaulted by zombie Sackboys
Bob Dylan, Anime Assassin Pt. 1
Bob Dylan, Anime Assassin Pt. 2
Final Fantasy VII's Squall and Naruto's Sasuke in a mope-off
A British hobo

Silly Stuff
Rather self-explanatory. Not drawings.
Cock Rock -- It rocks your cock!
Pooch Sells Out (done as a title image for an old incarnation of my site)
The Pooch Predicament (an unused title image for the same old incarnation of my site)

Perigee Software
Back in the mid-1990s, my buddy Bandit came up with the idea for Perigee Software, a takeoff of Apogee Software (now 3D Realms), complete with parody game titles and synopses. A few years back we were gearing up to make a big, elaborate, fake website out of it (following several low-key attempts that never got off the ground), for which I produced fake box art, magazine covers, and the like (even a handful of fake game screenshots). Since I still think the things I made for the project turned out well, I decided to air some of them out here for the first time. Note: very few of these actually use any of my own art. Often they use images I either scanned in from exterior sources or grabbed off of the intarweb through Google Image search (and then manipulated, of course); in the case of Paganshihtzu, for example, I merely utilized Bandit's handiwork from the first incarnation of the Perigee web site.

Perigee Box Art
Cash Rescue! -- The Slackers™ have stolen all of K-Mart's money, and it's your job to get it back -- or else K-Mart will be forced to delcare bankruptcy (which is a foregone conclusion anyway)! Play as a girl, or a boy!
Chekov's Checkout Adventure -- Help Ex-Ensign Pavel Chekov keep his job as a bagger at the local Shop-N-Bag!
Crapper: The Call of Nature -- Try to reach the bathroom on each floor of an office building before you have an accident in your pants!
Major Happy -- Guide Major Harrison Happy and his high-powered, armored Toyota van against the invading Lipton forces! (Features "Triple-Rutle Tracking", adding to the game's illusion of humor and musicality).
Paganshihtzu -- Help Fluffy™ conquer the mysterious "Top Breeders" dog show, all the while fending off rival dogs! (By the way, "Paganshihtzu" is English for "evil dog".)
Realistic Flowers -- Guide your smashed-out hippy as he tries to make replicated flowers good enough to fool his fellow stoner friends!
Rutlestein 2-D -- Follow the Pre-Fab Four from their days in Hamburg to the big time, playing for literally dozens of screaming, adoring fans!
Rutlestein 2-D: Tea and Biscuits -- You're Ron Nasty, and have decided to reform the Rutles. But here's the catch -- you have to find them first!
Season of the Stomach Pump -- A dating sim where you try to get your fat, dateless loser character to score with a bevy of "beautiful" anime girls!
Turd Rescue! -- Traverse the sewers to reclaim all of the town's turds, which have been carelessly stolen by those mean old Slackers™! You get to choose you which character you wish to play, either male or female!

Perigee Magazine Covers
Bored Computer Boffo
The Official Snoreware Magazine
X-Treme Gamer Dork

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